Monthly Archives: December 2016

“Healing Grace Center” to offer Assistance to Those in Need

We have formed an organization called the “Healing Grace Center” which will be a group of individuals both Professional and Laity who will counsel, advise and offer substance to the lives of those in need.  If you are a Professional Licensed Counselor, are a Spiritual Counselor or a Therapist who is willing to offer your time, please contact Reverend Karen at or call at 720-308-8418.

This is a new endeavor and open to challenge, new ideas and progress.  Any donations will be appreciated.
Blessings, Pastor Karen


“A Season of PEACE”…will be the topic of our Worship Service and discussion on New Years Day, January 1, 2017!!  We will gather at 1955 E Arizona Avenue at 12:00 p.m. HIGH NOON to enjoy the love,  hope,  joy, and peace of the Season with Jesus at the center of the circle.

It is that time of year when we really do celebrate our blessings while looking to the future with hope and anticipation.  Our New Year Resolutions can be challenging but as long as we have our Lord by our side, we can take on anything.

Join our community of faith and enjoy the sounds of the New Year.  2017 will be a year of peace and love.  The Gardens is a community of faith for everyone!!  We will have a reception afterward with food and goodies.  If you are unable to attend, DONATIONS and TITHINGS to the church would be most appreciated.

Blessings, Pastor Karen



We can attend Christmas Eve Services, we can attend church on Christmas Day or we can attend church all week long in celebration of our Lord’s Birth, but unless we remember he gave his life for our sins, unless we remember he gave us the most precious thing he had, unless we remember Christ is our Savior, we can’t understand the full meaning of Christmas.

Remember to pray to our Lord, remember to do something kind for your friends and neighbors, remember to give.  That is what Christmas is all about.

Regretfully we will not have Worship Services on Sunday, Christmas, but will continue services the first of the year, with our first Worship Service being January 1, 2017.  Come join us as we “send off” the year 2017 with love and hope.  Join us at 1955 East Arizona for celebration with a community of faith at 12:00 p.m.


Blessings, Pastor Karen






Join us for our Christmas Service on December 18, 2016 at HIGH NOON, 12:00 p.m. to hear the message “It’s Wonderful”.  Truly it is wonderful,  the “Birth of Christ”.

We gather at 1955 East Arizona Avenue, Denver, CO 80210.  Please join us in  hearing the music of violins, the voices of Christmas and the community of faith.  Gather with new friends and enjoy this uplifting and spiritual time of year.

Blessings, Pastor Karen