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MATTHEW 5: 38-48

Why should we put ourselves out there to offer love when we really don’t want to.  Well Jesus says we should.  As expressed in Exodus 2:24, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, this does nothing more than cause feuds.  When we start returning injustice for injustice, it just gets worse.

As stated in Matthew 5: 38, there is a score for getting even.  Instead of trying to get even, our hearts should lead us to love and forgive instead of trying to get score by getting back.  Jesus wants us to lift ourselves to a higher level and forgive our enemies, a higher level where we pray for our enemies instead of trying to get even with them.  Love thy enemy, don’t project vengeance or wrongdoing to make the situation worse.

And how do we do this, by praying.  Pray for your enemies and Jesus will love you all the more.  Prayer is the easiest and most accommodating means for us to reach our enemy.  It will surpass all judgement, all pre-condition, all difficult life issues and all secular legalities.  Prayer will overcome evil and replace it with good, it will be more powerful than all enemy attacks, and all forceful opinions of wrongdoing and all slander.

Do as Jesus says, Love Your Enemy.

Blessings, Pastor Karen