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When all our Plan A’s just seem to fall apart, when the world around us just doesn’t seem to be working for us, when everything we try seems to fail, it is time we move to Plan B.  You are invited to hear the message on “Plan B”, which is God’s plan for us after all else fails.  We may have a plan, but God has a plan, and a much better one that we usually don’t know about.

Come hear the message “Plan B” on Sunday, August 20th, 2017 at ‘HIGH NOON’, 12:00 Sharp, at 1955 East Arizona Avenue in the Washington Park area of Denver, Colorado.  All are invited, come as you are, or dress up if you want.  We are a community of faith that welcomes all, and we don’t care what baggage you bring with you.  The Lord is waiting for you, don’t let him down.

Blessings, Pastor Karen












“The Greatest of These”, Faith, Hope and Charity, is the message given by Deacon Jeff Martinez on Sunday, August 6th, 2017.

We will be gathering at 1955 East Arizona Avenue to hear a message given with love, compassion and enlightenment as Jeff Martinez presents his sermon in an in-depth expression of the “The Greatest of These” – Faith, hope, and Charity.  We will meet at “HIGH NOON”, 12:00 p.m. for a time of prayer, meditation, peace and tranquility.

All are welcome.  Come as you are or dress up if you wish.  We don’t care, we just want you.  We are a fun-loving, welcoming, and non-judgmental “community of faith”.

See you Sunday and God Bless!!

Pastor Karen W. Schneider

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