Monthly Archives: March 2018

“Where Is He?” was the question on that historical day when Jesus was found missing from his grave. What do you think, where did he go?

Join us on Resurrection Sunday at 1:00 p.m. where the moment of revelation comes to life in a message delivered by Pastor Karen W. Schneider.  We will gather at 1955 East Arizona Avenue in the beautiful Washington Park area of Denver, Colorado for moments of discovery, worship, disbelief yet belief, and awakening to the beautiful Everlasting Life of our Jesus Christ.

Be there to enjoy the most important event of our Christianity, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We are a loving, compassionate, welcoming and inviting community of faith.  Don’t miss this extra special Sunday, Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday).








“Are You Hungry?”

“Are you Hungry?”, not only for food and the requirements of bodily preservation, but are you hungry spiritually?  There are many kinds of hunger, such as hunger for peace, hunger for love, hunger for protection, hungry for people, hunger for happiness, but the most important hunger is HUNGER FOR THE SPIRITUAL.

Join us on March 18th for a time of fellowship and love at “HIGH NOON”, 12:00 p.m. at 1955 East Arizona Avenue in the beautiful Washington Park Area of Denver, Colorado.  We gather in the Washington Park UMC building.  Come for a time of understanding, of true acceptance, and of true belonging.  We are a loving “community of faith” only interested in you as a person and Christian.

We have a reception following the service.  We hope to see you there!!

Pastor Karen