Do you ever feel like you have had enough, that the burdens of life are more than you can take? Do you feel like you never have any fun and just work all the time? Do you feel tired, depressed, with anxiety creeping in all over? Do you feel like just boarding an airplane, baggage in hand, and ticket stamped, never to return again?

In 2018, we are all feeling this way, like there is no room for living any more, that our time is spent on survival instead of living our life as we should. Learn how to “Escape Completely” as you join us on Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. at 1955 East Arizona Avenue, Denver, Colorado, for a message given by Reverend Karen W. Schneider on escaping from this life, and entering the spiritual life, the life that gives us peace, love and understanding. That life that makes us relax because we have our Lord to turn to with the same calming effect the Seas of the Caribbean can give us. As Princess Cruises has as their Logo, “Escape Completely”, we can be part of this without boarding a Cruise Ship.

Join us on Sunday in the beautiful surroundings of Washington Park in Denver, Colorado. We welcome all, we love all, and we cherish all.

Blessings, Rev. Karen

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