Jesus Should Be the Main Focus

You know we hear all about the political agendas in the different denominations and all the pros and cons of a particular stance, but through all of this, not one mention is made of Jesus Christ.  What are Churches for anyway, are they a social organization, a political array of stances, a means for pushing through a theological opinion, or are they a source for Jesus to bring people together in order to make them Disciples.

Our “community of faith”, in other words our church, bases its foundation, bases its gathering point, and bases it grounding on the Word of our Lord.  We have been studying the “Good Samaritan” as of late, that wonderful Disciple who stopped to help someone no one else would help.   If Jesus is at the Core of our Being, if Jesus is being trusted and we are Christ-like, if Jesus is at the top of our priorities, then we are truly Disciples.

So let all of this political nonsense, let all of this negativity and extreme publicity, no matter whether progressive or conservative, let it disappear, and allow our Jesus to be at the head of the Pulpit, at the  head of the Courtroom, at the head of the Government, and let Jesus rise among the elements of despair as we see it everywhere.

With that comfort in place, we won’t hear the verbal attacks and movements we are experiencing today.  Yes, Jesus Should Be The Main Focus!!!

Blessings, Reverend Karen






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