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Hi To Everyone From Gardens of Divine Hope, I recently took a vacation to Alaska and I have to say only God could have created what I saw.  Beautiful mountains, greenery (as if a rainforest), the ocean, rivers and whales jumping out of the water.  Not only that, but God’s glaciers were breathtaking in their colors of sea blue and pink.  A piece of ice that displayed an “awe” feeling when viewing it, again  only God could have created.  And then there were the Eagles, the birds who sat so quietly in the top of the trees, on the light posts and in the rainforest.  The Eagle with its power so pronounced as it sat high in the trees and observed all passers by. The Ocean with its power was also breathtaking.  The movement of the waters, the undercurrents as they circled, and the bashing against the shore only suggests the true power of the water. Gardens of Divine Hope would like to give you the same experience but within the circle of our community and congregation.  We would like to be the first to introduce Christ to you, if you don’t already know him, and give you the thrust of true peace only experienced within a transformation and rebirth in faith.  Let us guide you and comfort you as you take your path of faith. Visit us anytime on Sundays at 1:00p.m. for our gathering and worship service.  This could change to 9:00 a.m. in the near future, but for now we meet at 1:30 p.m.  We meet at 16th and Ogden (1615 Ogden Street), Denver, Colorado.  There is parking on the west side. Everyone is invited, come for worship, community and food.  We would absolutely love to have you. On Wednesday evenings we have prayer, community bonding, and bible study.  Starting around 6:00 p.m. we have food and prayer and at 7:00 p.m. we have our bible study.  All to take place at the same location, 1615 Ogden Street, Denver, Colorado.  All are invited!! Come experience the love of Jesus Christ. Blessings and Peace, Pastor Karen


Our garden is starting to grow and flourish.  We now have corn, squash and peas  starting to show their faces in our Garden located downtown Denver at Metro CareRing at 18th and Downing.  What a delightful sight to see, a large Garden that is growing to “help others”.

Stop by and see our Garden, and join us for worship in the Fall at First Baptist of Denver at 5:00 p.m. every Sunday evening.  September 8th, is our first worship service First Baptist.    Gardens of Divine Hope Church (First Baptist)  is located at 14th and Grant, across the street from the Capitol Building.  We have an hour of worship and music to set your heart on “fire”.  Let this be your church.  We are open to everyone whether you are of a denomination or not, it doesn’t matter.  Join us!!

Our Garden is not only a Garden in the literal sense, but it is Garden of people as well.  People are what make a church and getting together as a “Huddle” to worship is a way to find the path to God.


Pastor Karen W. Schneider